Astronaut Stephen Robinson took the national stage during NASA’s “Return to Flight” mission, following the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. He undertook an unscheduled spacewalk to repair a dangerous problem with the shuttle’s heat shield; not only were the lives of every crew member of the Shuttle Discovery at stake—the future of the Space Shuttle was on the line.

An image of Dr. Robinson’s sojourn outside Discovery was Time Magazine’s Picture of the Week, noting “this was the first time in spacewalking history that an astronaut has ventured under the belly of a Space Shuttle and performed repairs.

Now a tenured professor at University of California, Davis and space advisor for NBC Nightly News, Steve Robinson is available for a limited number of lecture presentations.

Steve Robinson is that rare speaker who blends a down-home charisma, genuine wit, a scientist’s curiosity, and a life spent relentlessly pursuing the dream of spaceflight.

His audience leaves the venue with a profound understanding of the raw determination and big brains that make NASA run, as well as the feeling that they have come to know—and like— Astronaut Robinson up close and personally.

The audience experiences what it’s like to undergo rigorous Astronaut training, to feel the violent forces of launch, to brave a high-risk spacewalk, even to play a guitar while weightless on the International Space Station.

You’ll also hear first-hand what it’s like to endure years of rejection — and even profound tragedy — in the pursuit of an enduring dream, and to come out the stronger for it.

During his nearly 37 years in NASA, Dr. Robinson logged more than 48 days and nearly 20 million miles in space, including 20 hours of space- walking.

Now, you are invited to come along.